SHADE is a noncommercial, nonsectarian and nonpartisan organization who’s mission broadly includes:

1. Supporting the educational and artistic mission and goals of the students, faculty and administration of Duke Ellington School of the Arts. 

2. Serving as a communication, action and advocacy organization who unifies DESA’s parents, students, alumni, administration and faculty to address issues directly and indirectly pertinent to Duke Ellington School of the Arts. 

3. Optimizing academic and artistic opportunities for Ellington students.SHADE’S ultimate objective is to aid in the development, progression, promotion and advancement of dynamic and highly productive scholar-artists and the Duke Ellington School of the Arts community as a whole.

See our Membership page to learn more and apply become a member of SHADE.

SHADE’S current Officers include:
President – Amber Golden 
Vice President – Laurie Moskowitz

Vice President Membership – Crissy Crittenden
Secretary – Tynika Lytle
Treasurer – Vacant
Assistant Treasurer – Vacant

Parlimentarian – Hazel Richardson
Hospitality Committee – Vacant

If you’re interested in filling one of the vacant positions, please send an email to SHADEMembership@gmail.com.