DCPS Teacher Reassignment – Parents Needed for Outreach to Elected Officials (Instructions Enclosed)

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Dear Parents:

Thanks to all of you who were able to join us last night for the urgent SHADE Meeting on School Re-opening. We so appreciate the willingness of the Ellington Community to Rally when needed!

At our meeting on Tuesday evening we had heard that DCPS was reassigning High School and Middle Schools administrators, assistant principals, and other key staff to assist in the reopening with Elementary Schools beginning November 9th. Principal Logan gave us a preliminary update last night. But as of this afternoon – Principal Logan’s conversations with DCPS have been fruitful and we have reason to believe that there is a better understanding of DESA’s situation now and that we are moving in the right direction!! 

None of this will be set in stone until Friday and as we are realizing all of the re-opening plans can turn on a dime. So we, as parents, can still express our frustration and concerns to the City Council, DCPS, the Superintendent and Chancellor’s offices. We have attached a letter that is both the right tone and tenor for what we want to accomplish. We want to make people aware of our concerns but not undermine Principal Logan’s good working relationships!  We do have serious concerns about what this means for our children’s safe return to school in February, how long these re-assignments might last if they happen, and we have vast concerns about the impact that all of this remote learning is taking on our kids. These are valid concerns and we want to convey those. We just don’t want to convey that Ellington will be unduly burdened at this moment.  So please only edit highlighted areas in the letter!

You can find the letter and the instructions HERE as well as on the SHADE website – for maximum impact – these letters should be submitted by tomorrow at 12pm! But the record is open until November 5.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Laurie Moskowitz at

Laurie MoskowitzSHADE VP/Advocacy

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